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Mon Jun 16 09:28:05 UTC 1997

At 22:01 15.6.1997, Dr. Jai Maharaj wrote:
>One observes that when persons such as the one whose
>post appears below feel frustrated because, apparently,
>they are not capable of discussing the subject at hand,
>they resort to libel against others.  Is this the only
>way they know how to feel good about themselves?
>Pity, but help them.
>Jai Maharaj     http://www.flex.com/~jai     Om Shanti

This is USENET stuff, and has no place on a serious mailing list!

Make yourself capable of discussing the subject of scientific etymology by
reading a basic textbook on historical linguistics (and allow me to
recommend "Historical and Comparative Linguistics" by Raimo Anttila).  If
you come back and show some real understanding of how the sound and meaning
of words change, and of the complex interrelations of Iran and India, their
cultures and languages, then maybe you will be taken seriously!

Hint: as much respect as I have for the Words of the Buddha, or admiration
for the art of the Yi Jing I sont look to them iot understand language
change.  I look to the languages themselves!



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