Propitiating the Planets

mgansten at mgansten at
Sun Jun 15 14:08:17 UTC 1997

My profuse thanks to all who answered my query about the Illustrated Weekly
of India, and apologies for yet a cross-posting to the RISA and Indology lists.

This time I wonder if anyone could suggest sources (primary and/or
secondary) dealing with graha-shanti, i.e., the propitiation of planets as a
remedial measure against adverse astrological indications -- whether as
worship of the planetary deities per se, or of such main deities of the
pantheon as are represented by the planets (the moon = Parvati, etc; I
believe there are several such lists). The cult of the Navagrahas, and of
Saturn/Shani especially, seems to enjoy some importance in many temples,
notably in the South; has anyone written about it? All pointers to material
on this and related matters are much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Martin Gansten

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