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Sat Jun 14 09:44:11 UTC 1997

At 21:45 13.6.1997, Srinivasan Pichumani wrote:
>In the hope that I might be able to squeeze water from a stone, I want to
>ask my university to purchase Staal's Agni book and video.  But the on-line
>Books in Print says it is out of print.  Is this correct?  How about the
>video?  From where could I order it?
>Many thanks for the help!
>Jonathan Silk
>SILK at
>If you do manage to get the book and accompanying audio
>tapes for your library,  please tell the library folks
>to put a huge "DO NOT THUM" sticker on the audio tapes...
>at the U of M, Ann Arbor, the tapes have been rendered
>useless by someone at the check-out counter who ran it
>thru the machine that sensitizes/desensitizes the labels.

surely they should be transmitted to a compact disk before the last copy is

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