Srinivasan Pichumani srini at
Fri Jun 13 20:38:52 UTC 1997

In the hope that I might be able to squeeze water from a stone, I want to
ask my university to purchase Staal's Agni book and video.  But the on-line
Books in Print says it is out of print.  Is this correct?  How about the
video?  From where could I order it?

Many thanks for the help!

Jonathan Silk
If you do manage to get the book and accompanying audio
tapes for your library,  please tell the library folks
to put a huge "DO NOT THUM" sticker on the audio tapes...
at the U of M, Ann Arbor, the tapes have been rendered
useless by someone at the check-out counter who ran it
thru the machine that sensitizes/desensitizes the labels.


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