Ancient India's Contribtuion to Modern Civilization

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Sat Jun 14 08:06:19 UTC 1997

At 4:24 +0200 14/06/97, Dr. Jai Maharaj wrote:
>The same old north vs. south battle, presently in the form
>of Sanskrit vs. Tamil contention, is evident in this thread.
>The sad part is that each side often relies on the presumably
>inaccurate and unreliable interpretations by foreigners for
>support.  I am tempted to propose renaming this list "Bharat-list"
>or some such for even the word India is a foreign one.

	Some nationalistic trouble ?

	What do you mean about:
hyperonym: German
hyponyms: allemand, tedesco, deutsch, English, Britannic, French, graecus
colonial: America, Australia, New Zealand
	&c., &c.

	Are you really sure that Bharat is better than India for *all*
Indian peoples ? Are you sure that xenophoby is the best way to go in the
world ?

	Nationalistic etymologies are very easy, for example (I'm French):
	cash < lat. capsa (fr. cha^sse, it. cassa) via the 'normand' french
dialect where the 'ka' is not palatalized.
	Better for the glorious France, isn't it ?

	Incidentally, India is not strictly a *foreign* word: the ancient
greek words 'India', 'indikos' come probably from sindhu or apparented


Dominique THILLAUD
Universite' de Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France

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