Ancient India's Contribtuion to Modern Civilization

S Krishna mahadevasiva at
Sat Jun 14 03:46:47 UTC 1997

>The same old north vs. south battle, presently in the form
>of Sanskrit vs. Tamil contention, is evident in this thread.
>The sad part is that each side often relies on the presumably
>inaccurate and unreliable interpretations by foreigners for

 What makes you think that on the average, Indian translators are any 
better than non-Indians?

>I am tempted to propose
   And I am gonna oppose;-)

>renaming this list "Bharat-list"
>or some such for even the word India is a foreign one. 

Go ahead! The catch then would be the word "list" would still be
English;-),;-)......( or "Angreyzee" if you will!)


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