Brahman divisions

Sugandha Johar sjohar at
Sat Jun 7 12:57:41 UTC 1997

In Maharashtra, the 
>Konkanastha community seems to be having a low opinion of just about any 
>subsect....The Shenvi/Gauda Saraswat Brahmins are the descendants of an 
>outcasted Konkanstha youth and a Sudra woman who collected cow dung 
>while the Karhade Brahmin are supposed to be the descended from the 
>carcass of a dead donkey.

This is total news for me. By the way I am a Koaknastha, and for a while
was married to a Deshastha. 

The perjoratives that I do knwo that each of these sub-castes utter about
each other are more in the line of - Kokanasthas being very stingy and
penny pinching, and the Deshasthas having no discipline etc.

And as for the "Cobras" i have not heard the perjorative. Infact, I have
many times (along with a lot of others that i know ) have called myself
Cobra, more as a shorthand than anything else.


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