H-ASIA: Q. Peacock throne and huma bird

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Tue Jun 3 17:40:21 UTC 1997

Leiden, June 3, 1997

I have seen and studied many images of Garuda (and the more anonymous species 
of garudas not specifically associated with Vasudeva-Visnu and Krsna) and 
the myths related with these birds. 

I have not come across references to the idea that Garuda 'never 
alights'. In fact, there are many tales in which Garuda (and garudas) are 
coming down to earth. 

Most images of Garuda (and of garudas, for that matter) show the bird's legs 
and feet. But there are (more rare) images in which he/it is shown as actually 
flying, while carrying Visnu or Krsna.

A beautiful flying Garuda (carrying Krsna) in terracotta once adorned 
a Gupta period brick temple, perhaps at Bhitargaon (U.P.). 
This panel is now in the Brooklyn Museum (illustrated by a.o. Pratap Pal in 
'The ideal image' (1978), fig. 28.

Ellen Raven
Instituut Kern
Leiden University
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