pA, panuval, pAvai;; tanu, tantra, tanU

Tue Jul 15 20:06:19 UTC 1997

Requesting the presence of divinity in a localized form, here
and now, occurs both in Saiva and Vaishnava worlds.
This aagamic practice is detailed in R. H. Davis' book.
The mudras by a sivacharyar doing an aatmartha puja are also included.

Richard H. Davis, Ritual in an oscillating universe: Worshipping
Siva in medieval India. Princeton, 1991.

S. S. Janaki, Siva temple and temple rituals.
Kuppuswami Sastri Institute, Madras, 1988.

N. Ganesan

I don't know whether the following has anything on Kumbhabhishekam
"eye-opening" rituals. But we can ask the sthapatis/sivacharyars in USA temples.
May be Dr. Joanne P. Waghorne, N. Carolina knows too. She is studying the
colonial and modern temple rituals.

M. W. Meister, Making things in South Asia: the role of the artist
and craftsmen, 1988.

Jan Brouwer, The makers of the world. Oxford, 1995.

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