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The following information is given for anyone who might be interested:

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Indian independence, Vishal
Mangalwadi, winner of the Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Distinguished National
Service Award, is publishing a new book  'INDIA: The Grand Experiment'.  
The book is described as 'a re-discovery of the true history of India's
freedom and a re-assessment of the role of the British Raj', and is
expected to be a significant contribution to understanding the central
difficulties and opportunities facing India today.  


INTRODUCTION: Freedom at Fifty  

THE THESIS: The Prejudice / The Thesis and its Urgency / Definitions: Their
Context and Collision /  The Evangelical Manifesto of India's Freedom 

THE EVIDENCE:  Liberating the Enslaved Individual / The Colonization and
Liberation of the Indian Mind / The Press: Its Inception, Freedom and
Pre-supposition / Economic  Emancipation / Democratization of the Nation

THE IMPLICATIONS: From Freedom Towards Cultural Fascism? 

APPENDICES  1. Chronologies: Development of Ideas / Dates in Indian History
 / Relevant International  Dates  / Chronological Outline of Colonialism /
Milestones of the Freedom Movement / The Rise of  Hindu  Nationalism /   2.

384 pages.     Publication Date: July 31, 1997  
ISBN 0-9513089-4-7 (hardback),  0-9513089-5-5 (paperback)

In UK:  Pippa Rann Books, 2 Highfield Road, Farnham, Surrey GU9 0LX, U.K.  
Tel: 0181-770 9717            Email: 100126.3641 at 

In India: Nivedit Good Books Distributors Pvt. Ltd., Ivy Cottage, Landour,
Mussoorie, U.P. - 248 179, India. 
Tel: 0135.630891                Email: ruth at

In USA:  The MacLaurin Institute, 331 Seventeenth Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 
55414, USA.
Tel: 1-800-582-8541           Email: maclaurn at

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