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Thu Jul 10 08:40:21 UTC 1997

On Thu, 10 Jul 1997, Martin Bemmann wrote:

> Is there any (database-)software available sorting entries according to
> the sanskrit alphabet?

The bibliography program ProCite allows you to define the sort order of an
8-bit character set quite easily.  ProCite also allows the import and
export of structured records rather easily.

The same is true of the bibliography program Library Master.

I expect both programs have web sites.

The PERL language has a flexible sort function which permits the internal
redefinition of sort order.  This is probably the cheapest and best

The word processor XyWrite also permits the easy definition of sort order,
and one can mark and sort blocks by any column.

Peter Friedlander placed a Devanagari sort program written in Pascal on
the INDOLOGY file area for public use.

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