The Buddha's White Teeth

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Thu Jul 10 02:08:57 UTC 1997

Regarding the Puraa.nic description of the Buddha as kaa.saayavastra, 
mu.n.dita and 'sukladanta:

I don't know why white teeth is significant to the author of the 
- but I do recollect that, as part of their general ascesis, certain 
Brahmanical ascetics did not brush their teeth. Perhaps in at least some 
times and places a Pepsodent smile on a renunciant was a sure-fire way of 
identifying him or her as Bauddha.

Also, for what it's worth, su'sukladanta (or -da.m.s.tra) is one of the 
32 (see BHSD, p. 459b, no. 26).

Hope this helps.



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