Kalidasa's Raghuvamsa

Roland Steiner steiner at Mailer.Uni-Marburg.DE
Tue Jul 8 07:38:18 UTC 1997

On Mon,  7 Jul 1997 23:01:10 BST, J. Randall Groves wrote:

>Dear Indologists:
>Does anyone know of an available English translation of Kalidasa's
>Raghuvamsa. My library is having trouble locating it, so any info would
>be appreciated.  Randy Groves, Associate Prof. of Humanities, Ferris
>State University.

The Raghuva.m"sa of Kaalidaasa ... Ed. with a literal translation by Gopal 
Raghunatha Nandargikar. 2nd edition, Bombay 1891. [5th ed. Delhi 1982].

P. De Lacy Johnstone: The Raghuva.m"sa: the story of Raghu's line, London 

A.W. Ryder: Translations of Shakuntala and other works, London-New York 

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