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>Can anybody give the correct translation of RV 10.146.6? I have seen four
>"AraNyAnI is lauded by the worshipper as the mother of wild, the
>unctuous-scented, the fragrant, who fields abundance of food though has no
>hinds to till her."  Translated by V. Muir
>"Now have I praised the Forest Queen,
>sweet-scented, redolent of balm,
>The Mother of all sylvan things, who tills
>not but hath stores of food." Translated by R. T. Griffith
>"Adorned with fragrant perfumes and balms,
>she needs not to toil for food.
>Mother of untamed forest beasts,
>Sprite of the wood, I salute you." by Translated by R. Panikkar
>"Now I have praised the Lady of the Forest,
>who is perfumed with balm, and fragrant,
>who is well-fed, although she tills not,
>the mother of all things of the wild."  Translated by A. L. Basham
>Is there a translation accepted by Vedists as the best translation? Thanks in

AJjanagandhim surabhim bahvannAm akRSIvalAm
prAham mRgANAm mAtaram araNyAnim azaMsiSam

- the verb: zaMs- is known to exprime the praise and the reinforcement
caused by it; this reinforcement cause gifts for the worshipper (pra is
- who is praised: mother of mRgas, the One of the araNya; araNya is the
wilderness (dangerous domain of hunting and gathering) opposed to the
civilization (peaceful domain of breeding and farming).
- this worrying Goddess must be 'civilized' (by the praise) and become:
-- surabhi, the Cow of Plenty (gavAm mAtaram); I believe sura-bhi (from
bhA): 'splendor, treasure of the Gods', but the 'play' su-rabhi induces:
-- AJjana-gandhi, 'made-up and perfumed' (as a beautiful woman).
-- bahu-anna, 'giving many food, nourishing'
-- a-kRSI-valA, I understand 'who is not turned over (valate) by the
plough', kRSI being a vedic instrumental. But a sexual connotation is

	I believe the main problem is to keep the two meanings,
- Celestial Cow as the Earth, with flowers (colour and fragrance),
producing fruits without labour.
- Celestial Cow as a woman, with make-up and perfume, fertile but virgin.

	I suppose I could do it in French but my English is poor. I can try:

Ornate and perfumed, be the Shine of the Gods,
fertile without husband,
I praise you up for this, savage Lady of the Beasts!

	But I confess I have used my knowledge of the greek Goddess Artemis.

Dominique THILLAUD
Universite' de Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France

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