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Wed Jul 2 16:43:26 UTC 1997

On Wed, 2 Jul 1997, Axel Michaels wrote:

> Does anybody know how to produce two or more footnotes in one line for a 
> textcritical edition with Latex including Devanagari-Metafont?

Yes, my macro package fnpara.sty will do what you want.  This has been
used successfully for editions published from Groningen etc.  There is a
more recent package called footnote.sty or something like that which may
have more options than fnpara.sty, since it is more recent.

For a more complex edition, involving Devanagari, multiple layers of
footnotes (testimonia, variants, etc.), notes in paragraph or 2- or 3-
columns, and coordinated by automatic line numbering, see the package
EDMAC for plain TeX, written by me and John Lavagnino.  This is (in my
extremely modest opinion, of course) the most powerful critical edition
formatting package available, and makes almost any traditional type of
edition layout possible.  See
EDMAC has been incorporated into other packages like COLLATE and CET,
which you can read about at the above URL. 

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