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Dear Colleagues,
	The recent issue (Fall 1996)  of "Sagar, South Asia Graduate Research 
Journal" has been  posted online. You can reach it at:


Kamal R. Adhikary, Ph.D.
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Subject: death in the ancient India

Dear Colleagues,
Prof. Yuda (Kanagawa Uni.), who is a specialist in Upanishad, Shankara and Nietze, is now writing on the problem of death in the ancient india. So he reads Vedas, Braahmana, Upanishad, Dharmashaastra, Mahaabhaarata and Paali texts. He wants to read excellent papers written in western language (English, Germany and French) on this thema. Please give me some informations on this matter.
Yours sincerely,

Kaie Mochizuki
Rissho Uni.

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