Commentaries on Devimahatmya

katherine eirene ulrich keulrich at
Wed Jan 22 16:05:54 UTC 1997

Regarding Swami Vishvarupananda's request for information about the seven
commentaries on the Devimahatmya:
They can be found in _Durgasaptasati, with Seven Sanskrit Commentaries:
Durgapradipa - Guptavati - Caturdhari - SAntanavi - Nagojibhatti -
Jagaccandracandrika - Damsoddhara._ Edited by Vyankataramatmaja
Harikrsnasarma (Delhi: Butala and Co., 1984).

Thomas Coburn's book _Encountering_the_Goddess_ (mentioned in R. Soneji's
post) has a chapter on the commentaries.  Coburn says that there are actually
67 commentaries (p. 5, 121), according to Theodore Aufrecht's
(Leipzig: F.A. Brockhaus, 1891-1903).

Hope this helps, Katherine Ulrich

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