Indic baby names with a link to SURYA

Lars Martin Fosse l.m.fosse at
Sun Jan 26 15:53:47 UTC 1997

>> > Most of you are already aware that my name is Surya Prakash 
>> > (Sun Light). And my wife's name is Monika (very European name 
>> > indeed). We were blessed with a lovely daughter on 25th Dec. 
>> > (Santa's gift on X-Mas 1996).  We are finding it a little 
>> > difficult to finalise her name as we are looking for an 
>> > Indic baby name with some link to "Surya".  An option that 
>> > I have is "ARUNIMA" (pronounced arunimA). Can INDOLOGISTS 
>> > suggest a few options ? 

A few suggestions:

May I remind you that Surya in the Veda also occurs in the feminine form,
"suuryaa". Maybe you could use that. Surya is also called Vivasvat, so maybe
you could use Vivasvatii. 

Best regards,

Lars Martin Fosse

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