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>Hello all,
>Does anyone know of any examples of pronominalization
>in Indo-Aryan  languages other than Magahi and Maithili
>languages?   S.K. Chatterji gave this example from Bihar:
>        maraliauk = "I have struck him for your benefit"
>                           (mar-al "struck" + -i-  "I" + -au- "for you"
>                            + -k  "him")
Linguists know there is a tendance to agglutination (as in turkish) in some
flexionnal languages. An example is modern italian where the phenomen exist
partially (but ask a good italian speaker for correct examples).
Reversely some think flexion comes from agglutination, vocative and
imperative beeing the nude word, case and personnal desinences beeing
ancient particles or pronouns agglutinated to the word (as vedic particles
become in sanskrit preverbs or propositions).
But the whole process take a very long time, too long to obtain a sure proof!


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