Devanagari for the Mac

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Fri Jan 17 20:30:02 UTC 1997

At 10:43 PM 1/17/97 GMT, you wrote:
>Dear indologists,
>Can anyone please tell me where to find a good set of devanagari fonts for
>the Mac? 

there were some public domain fonts around several years ago, 
of which I put a modified version at:

these are old-style Mac bitmap fonts in 12 and 25 point,
not TrueType or PostScript. I didn't try them on 7.5.x, tho.

If you can't retrieve them immediately, I'm reshuffling the
sites on currently. Ultimately they should 
resurface at


If so, try again in a day or so.

This site contains also TTF and PostScript Roman-Translitared 
fonts compatible with  Prof.Norman's font (which unfortunately
do not scale very well at all).

If there are problems, pls send me private e-mail and I'll
try to take care of it..


 Max J. Sandor, PhD

 max at
 msandor at

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