Distortion of History

Madhav Deshpande mmdesh at umich.edu
Thu Jan 9 18:31:59 UTC 1997

In his "Chronology according to Hindu Fundamentalists", posted by Ganesan, 
Ramesh Mahadevan aptly observes:

>>March, 3452 BC: Shri Ram is born in Ayodhya, at the very spot
where a mosque would be built later to cause much controversy.>>

	This makes everything clear about the Ayodhya incident.  As
Vaalmiiki tells us, Rama ruled his kingdom for ten thousand years (besides
the fact that he was born to Dasharatha who was sixty four thousand years
old), da"sa var.sasahasraa.ni raamo raajyam akaarayat.  This would
obviously mean that Babar destroyed the Rama Janmabhuumi temple during
Rama's lifetime and built the mosque.  Rama, who by this authentic
calculation is still ruling - Valmiki is obviously wrong in using the past
tense verb -, got mad as hell and used his Vaanarasenaa (under the modern
name of Bajaranga Dal) to destroy the mosque.  In this holy task, he was
helped by the army of Shiva (under the modern name of Shivasenaa), and by
the groups of nationalistic valunteers (under the modern name RSS).  Since
we have about 4500 years more of Rama's rule yet to go, if he was born in
the year 3452 B.C., there is a whole lot of Ramaayana yet to occur in

	parihaasavijalpitam sakhe paramaarthena na g.rhyataam vaca.h

						Madhav Deshpande

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