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Wed Jan 1 12:33:00 UTC 1997

In the december issue of the Scientific American p.18ff Brenda DeKoker 
('Sex and the Spinal Cord') reports new findings by B.R.Komisaruk & 
B.Whiple of Rutgers University on the vagus nerve, apparently explaining 
the possibility of non-genital orgasms in shoulder, chest and chin in 
women with damaged spinal cords among other things: "Known to orchestrate 
such mundane tasks as breathing, swallowing and vomiting, this nerve 
wends its way through all major organs, bypassing the spinal column and 
hooking directly into the base of the brain. It is precisely because the 
vagus nerve does not touch the spinal column that its role in sex was 
recently discovered"
I wonder whether there is a link to South Asian kundalini doctrines. Does 
any of our yoga experts know more about the current research on the 
physiological background of yogic experiences?

Peter Fluegel                                                             

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