re. Merchandising electronic texts

Muneo Tokunaga g53772 at
Fri Feb 28 10:24:00 UTC 1997

Dear Indology Subscribers,

  My e-files of the MahAbhArata and the RAmAyaNa still contain 
many typing errors, as a matter of course.  It is indeed a lifelong job 
to perfect an e-file of such a huge text like the epic. I thought 
it was my obligation to continue doint it and I was just preparing 
a new version for the net in cooperation with my student M. Sugita 
when I heard about a commercial disc of them from a company 
in Munich. Now I realize that good-will is simply a source of unexpected 
troubles in this world. So I have decided to make future versions of 
my files available only in a limited circle in order not to cause further
complexity. Those who are satistied with an imperfect version of 
the e-file are free to buy that disc.

                                        Muneo TOKUNAGA 
                                 Professor of Indian Philosophy 
                           Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University
                             Kyoto, Japan (606-01). Tel. 075-753-2778
                             email: g53772 at


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