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JMG> >as far I can see it was mostly used by _East_german scholars.
JMG> >"Indoeropaeisch" sounds just like belonging to Eastern _official_
JMG> >terminology.

LGR> This is interesting.  It would seem clear that all Soviet-block
LGR> carefully avoided terminology that carried any possible Germanic
LGR> nationalistic connotation.  

and so arises a new problem because the unmarked term has became clearly
the marked one 

LGR> West Germans apparently associate the term with bureaucratic
official East German
LGR> (inferior?) terminology.

please note I said "_East_german scholars"

normal people doesn4t normally use such terms, and if they do, than
probably "indoeuropaeisch", because "indogermanisch" is probably for
them the marked one.

By the way the term "indogermanisch" was not created by Julius
Klaproth (cf. Asia Polyglotta, Paris, 1823, p. 42). The first scholar
who used it was Conrad Malte-Brun (DK-), secretary of the Sociiti de
Giographie de Paris (cf. Pricis de la giographie universelle, Paris,
1810, p. 577): +Nous nommerons en premier lieu la famille des langues
indogermaniques, qui rhgnent depuis les bords du Gange jusqu'aux rivages
de l'Islande;.

Cf. F.R. Shapiro, (1981): +On the origin of the term `Indo-germanic';,
HL 8, p. 165-170.

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