Edwin F Bryant efb3 at
Fri Feb 28 00:34:59 UTC 1997

On Thu, 27 Feb 1997, Lars Martin Fosse wrote:
>  In India the problem is that people do not connect
> the "aryan" with fascism. That is after all a European phenomenon. How will
> you convince your Indian colleagues to go easy on the term "Aryan"? Their
> aryans are, after all, their legitimate forefathers. Somehow, you would be
> forcing upon them a moral dilemma for which they are not responsible to
> begin with.
	This seems to be a good opportunity to introduce the list to a
superb book currently in press by Thomas Trautmann called ARYANS AND
BRITISH INDIA, California Press, which traces the development of, and
relationship between, philology and race science in nineteenth
century Britain. This is a book to place alongside Halbfass, Marshall,
Inden and Schwab on one's bookshelf.   Edwin Bryant.  

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