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Fri Feb 28 02:33:44 UTC 1997

At 10:16 AM 2/27/97 Lars Martin Fosse wrote:

>In all sympathy with your dilemma, George, the embarrassing fact remains
>that the ancient aryans (sorry) called themselves aryans. The word should, I
>think, be specifically used about them, not about other Indo-Europeans. But
>even if it is used with caution, I am afraid that damage has already been
>done. Outside academic circles, most people have no idea about
>Indo-Europeans, and aryans are invariably associated with Nazi ideology.

> In India the problem is that people do not connect
>the "aryan" with fascism. That is after all a European phenomenon. How will
>you convince your Indian colleagues to go easy on the term "Aryan"? Their
>aryans are, after all, their legitimate forefathers. Somehow, you would be
>forcing upon them a moral dilemma for which they are not responsible to
>begin with.

Very good point.  The same can be said about the svastika (whether right or
left pointing).

But what about the term "Indo-Germanic," Lars?

Luis Gonzalez-Reimann

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