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Thu Feb 27 20:34:18 UTC 1997

As the immortal Flanders and Swann said, 'You have be very careful about
that.  When we've done anything good, it's "another triumph for Great
Britain."  When we haven't, it's "England loses again."'


Allen Thrasher

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On Thu, 27 Feb 1997, John Brockington wrote:

> The latest posting that I have seen illustrates perfectly the point about the 
> irrelevance of nationality.   Lance Cousins refers to me -- and we have known each 
> other for years -- as a Scottish scholar.   I have been domiciled in Scotland for over 
> thirty years but I am English by birth.  In fact, I try to avoid accepting a national 
> identity, since 'British' sound so awkward in speech (though alright for official 
> documents)

> John Brockington

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