g.v.simson at easteur-orient.uio.no g.v.simson at easteur-orient.uio.no
Wed Feb 26 16:22:44 UTC 1997

Klaus Karttunen asked on 26 feb.:
>Our University library cannot locate its copy of Konow's KharoSThI
>Inscriptions (Corpus Inscr. Indicarum). Could anybody check, whether it
>contains the so-called Hidda Earthen Jar Inscription of the year 28
>(mentioning the Macedonian month name Apellaios). If it is there, I just
>need the number given to it by Konow to make my reference complete.

Yes, it's there (on pp. 156-158) ("... masye Apelae ...") and has the
number LXXXII (Plate no. XXX.2).

Best wishes,

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