I.D. of sm.rti and vedic (?) quotations

John Newman (NC) newman at virtu.sar.usf.edu
Wed Feb 26 20:13:36 UTC 1997

I am working on a paper titled "Islam in the Buddhist Kaalacakra Tantra,"
and one
of my major sources, the Vimalaprabhaa, cites two passages apparently
from brahmanical sources in the context anti-brahmanical polemics.
I would be grateful for any assistance members of the list might offer in
identifying the sources of these passages.  (I apologize for any errors in
transcription, I am new to the list.)

1) do.san tatra na paZyaami yo du.s.te du.s.tam aacared iti

I suspect this is drawn from a sm.rti, because the Vimalaprabhaa cites
Manu, Yaajnyavalkya, and the Mahaabhaarata in the same context.

2)  indrah paZur aasiid iti

I suspect this is Vedic, because it is cited within a refutation of Vedic
scriptural authority.

John Newman
New College

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