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Dear Colleagues,

                                                 The Center for Asian Studies
                                                The University of Texas at

                                                        WORD AS MANTRA:
                                                      THE ART OF RAJA RAO

                                                       Monday, March 24, 1997

                                                10:00am-12:00pm; 1:30-4:00pm

                                        Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center
                                                             Auditorium 4.252

                                "Unless word becomes mantra no writer is a
writer and no reader a reader."
                                                - Raja Rao, The Writer and
the Word (l967), p. 231.


                                                        First Session:

                                                Wecome by Robert L.
Hardgrave, Jr.,
                        Acting Director, The Center for Asian Studies, The
University of Texas

                                        C. D. Narasimhaiah, Literary
Criterion Centre, Mysore:
                                                        "Raja Rao: Each
Work a Magic Casement"

                                                        R. Parthasarathy,
Skidmore College:
Example of Raja Rao"

                                                Yamuna Kachru, The
University of Illinois:
                                                "Culture and Style in Raja
Rao's Novels"

                                                 Robert D. King, The
Univeristy of Texas:
                                                        "Raja Rao and France"

                                  Makarand Paranjape, Indian Institute of
Technology, New Delhi:
                                       "Seeing With Three Eyes: Raja Rao
and the Gandhian Way"

                                                        Second Session:

                                Presentation of the Sahitya Akademi
Fellowship to Raja Rao
                                       U. R. Anantha Murthy, President,
Sahitya Akademi

                The Sahitya Akademi Fellowship is the highest honor
conferred by the
                        Akademi on any Indian writer and is reserved for
those who have
                                achieved the greatest distinction in the
world of letters.


                                        Winfred Lehmann, The University of
                                        "Raja Rao, Master of Language,
Rigveda l0.8l"

                                       Edwin Thumboo, National University
of Singapore:
                                       "The Cat and Shakespeare: Words With
Nine Lives"

                                                Braj Kachru, The University
of Illinois:
                                                        "Raja Rao and
Caliban's Canon"

                                Raman Srinivasan, Independent Scholar,
                                                        "A Tribute to Raja Rao"

                                                The Symposium is Supported by
                        the Marlene and Morton Meyerson Centennial Chair in
Asian Studies

For further information, contact Prof. Robert L. Hardgrave, Jr., Acting
Director, The Center for Asian Studies, The University of Texas at Austin:
rlh at uts.cc.utexas.edu


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