A text on cooking by Bhima?

Allen Thrasher athr at loc.gov
Tue Feb 25 16:52:57 UTC 1997

The (or a) text on cooking attributed to Nala is:

  OCLC NO: 30650355
   AUTHOR: Nala, Maharaja.
    TITLE: Pakadarpanam /
    PLACE: Benares :
PUBLISHER: Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office,
     YEAR: 1915     
   FORMAT: 4, 3, 64 p. ; 24 cm.
   SERIES: Kasi Samskrta granthamala. Pakavibhaga ; 1
           Kasi Sanskrit series ; 1
           Kasi Samskrta granthamala ; 1.
    NOTES: In Sanskrit.
  SUBJECT: Medicine, Ayurvedic.
           Cookery, Indic.
    OTHER: Bhattacarya, Vamacarana.

 Next Record 
 OCLC NO.: 12286092
   AUTHOR: Nala, Maharaja.
    TITLE: Pakadarpanam :
           Madhuri-Hindivyakhyavibhusitam : pracinatama Ayurvediya 
           svasthavrtta evam pakasastra ka visishta grantha /
  EDITION: 2. Samskarana.
    PLACE: Varanasi :
PUBLISHER: Caukhambha Samskrta Samsthana,
     YEAR: 1983     
   FORMAT: 16, 114 p. ; 23 cm.
   SERIES: Kasi Samskrta granthamala ; 1
    NOTES: In Sanskrit; translation in Hindi; prefatory matter in Hindi and 
           Added t.p. in English.
           Includes bibliographical references.
  SUBJECT: Cookery, Indic.
           Cookery, Hindu.
           Medicine, Ayurvedic.
ALT TITLE: Pakadarpana. Hindi & Sanskrit
    OTHER: Bhattacarya, Vamacarana.
           Tripathi, Indradeva, 1923-
Allen Thrasher

On Sun, 23 Feb 1997, Aklujkar wrote:

> While I am not aware of any text on cooking ascribed to Bhiima, I would
> like to point out that the association of Bhiima with cooking is old. The
> Mahaabhaarata itself depicts Bhiima as working as a cook for Viraa.ta. The
> Paa.n.davas are then living incognito. Bhiima assumes the name Ballava. (MB
> 4.2.1-7).
> The other well-known MB character associated with cooking skills is Nala.
> One comes across attribution of texts to him too.

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