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Dominik Wujastyk, our esteemed list-owner, recently wrote:

>So I would also find a collection of general indological articles under
>the title "English Indology", "American Indology", or "Sinhalese
>Indology", etc., as surprising as I do the book called "German Indology"
>published by the Max Muller Bhavan some years ago.  I suppose that
>"Sudanese Indology"  might work because it would be especially interesting
>to know that the subject was studied at all in Khartoum or Juba.  But this
>"minority"  argument surely doesn't apply to Germany, which has absolutely
>no need to underline the substance and quality of its long history of
>contributions to indology.

Studies in the archaeology of India and Pakistan
Jerome Jacobson, editor
New Delhi:  Oxford & IBH, 1986
Warminster, England:  Aris & Phillips Ltd., 1987
both in conjunction with the American Institute of Indian Studies

Unfortunately Jacobson did not see fit to announce this fact in the
subtitle, but the organising principle of the book, as noted in the
preface, is that all the papers are by (or are co-written by) American
archaeologists, in an effort to show that, contrary to report and common
knowledge, we actually had been known to bring shovels to South Asia.
Given this purpose, the choice of publishers is particularly interesting.

There are some pretty good papers in there.

Glad to help...  :-)

Joe Bernstein
Chicago, Illinois
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