Once again "German Indology"

Ulrike Niklas u.niklas at Uni-Koeln.DE
Fri Feb 21 13:46:03 UTC 1997

My first reactions to Dominic Wujastyk s remarks - and to Max Niehoms RE, 
engendered by it - were a little violent, I admit (Thankfully, until now
they have not yet been passed on to the list - I hope, they wont; if they 
still come through, I apologize herewith!) - not out of any 
"nationalistic" feeling (I am really the last one who would harbour 
anything of that kind), but out of a sort of "unbelieving shock".

Still, I think, some words should be lost about the case:
The booklet in question - as in the meantime clearly pointed out by two 
members of the list - is an entirely harmless, yet very helpful and 
practical collection of addresses. To misunderstand its purpose the way 
it was done here is possible only if there is a will to do so. 
What about the "Who is who"-s which are brought out in many different 
countries, then? 

I think, the best would be not to take the "discussion" any further, to 
stop it - and: not to take it into the archives, neither. It has nothing 
to do with "Indology" as such.

So, lets all go back to work and do something substantial!

Best wishes, ULRIKE

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