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Sun Feb 23 12:50:30 UTC 1997

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>	Dominik Wujastyk is to be congratulated on his timely, patriotic, warning
about the machinations of those cunning Krauts. Anyone who doubts the
authenticity of his observations ought to take a looks at a pre-1945 map of
the world. Do you realize that on such maps, millions of which were
distributed to English schools throughout the Empire, India, the home of
Sanskrit, is painted red. Red the colour of the Nazi flag. Clearly, those
fiendish Huns had a cunning plan to rule the world by indoctrinating
innocent children to associate India with Germany. Only a true Englishman
would recognize such arrogance.

I would like to thank Prof. Hexham for his most timely crash course in
modern English. I am happy to see that something good finally came out of
the discussion on German Indology (or was it ideology??). 

On a more personal note, may I ask a question: As a Norwegian, should I be
classified as a wop or a wog?

Best regards,

Lars Martin Fosse

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