Recent Good Development (Tamil)

Sat Feb 22 15:55:41 UTC 1997

               An Exciting Recent Tamil Development

Like Thiru. S. Palaniappan, I also don't think Tamil
borrows from sanskrit the technical terms in the last few decades.

Let me give some examples:
          secretary - seyali (usually a women, atleast in the US offices)
          e-mail - minmaDal
          web site - valaip pulam
          web page - valaith thaaL

          edit - tiruttu
          file - kOppu
          internet - iNaivalai, minvaLaiyam, etc.,

and so on ....

The problem is Central Government not spending enough percentage at all
of their revenue for the development oflanguages other than Hindi.

Kumudham, the largest selling magazine in India is available
online in Tamil script for almost an year now.

So too is Anandha Vikatan.

Also, atleast three Tamil news papers like DinamaNi of Indian
Express group are available online.
They all use Dr. Kalyanasundaram's (Zurich) Mylaia tamil font.

Another exciting news is "tamizh anjal" tamil e-mail.
People from Singapore, Malaysia & Australians were the project
leaders. This is a listserv where Mylai Tamil font can be installed
in a PC or Mac or Unix platforms.
People from India, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka
and many other countries use Tamil Anjal.

Mylai tamil font comes FREE. It can be downloaded or
will be sent via internet.

I will post more info on URL addresses of tamil newspapers.

The printed book, typewriter, computer fonts etc.,
happened for Tamil as first among Indic languages and
the tradition continues.

N. Ganesan


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