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I would just like to add, as a British Indologist, how useful if have found the list 
produced by Professor Schlingloff in keeping track of my German-speaking colleagues and 
how pleased I am to have received copies of it in the past.   Its practical value is 
immense.  I only wish that there were as convenient lists for other groups of 
Indologists.  Perhaps the listings in process of compilation by the IIAS at Leiden will 
go some way towards it, although inevitably any publication will be bulkier and so less 
convenient to handle, since all of Asian Studies will be covered.

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Francois Obrist <Francois.Obrist at> writes:

> There exist french and/or english translations of the first and third
> Bhavanakrama of Kamalasila.
> Does anyone knows if there exists a translation of the second Bhavanakrama
> in english or other western languages?
E. Obermiller announced an English translation in: "A Sanskrit
ms. from Tibet -- Kamala"siila's Bhaavanaakrama." In: Journal of the
Greater India Society. 2,1 (Jan. 1935), p. 1-11, resp. p. 4: "We have
prepared an edition of both the Sanskrit and Tibetan text of the
Bhaavanaa-krama which we intend to publish before long with a
translation in English and a complete bilingual index verborum." 

The same year Obermiller died and the plan, it seems, did not
realize. I don't know if the unpublished papers of Obermiller are
stored somewhere.

I am aware of a Hindi translation and a Sanskrit "restoration" made by
Gyaltsen Namdol which was published in 1985 by the Central Inst. of
Higher Tibetan Studies, Sarnath-Varanasi.

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