Bhavanakrama of Kamalasila

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Fri Feb 21 15:32:14 UTC 1997

>Dear member of the list,
>There exist french and/or english translations of the first and third
>Bhavanakrama of Kamalasila.
>Does anyone knows if there exists a translation of the second Bhavanakrama
>in english or other western languages?
>Thank you for your help,
>Francois Obrist
>Section de langues et civilisations orientales
>Bibliotheque cantonale et universitaire de Lausanne
>CH-1015 Lausanne
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Prof. Richard Hayes (rhayes at has translated one of
Kamala"siila's Bhaavanaakrama into English, and it may well be the second
BK. To my knowledge, however, it hasn't been published yet, but Prof. Hayes
may be willing to send you a copy. We worked on that text a few years ago
as part of the 2nd or 3rd year Sanskrit course at McGill.

Now with regard to the first and third BK, would you (or anyone else) be so
kind to post the full bibliography of the translations to which you refer?
I have a copy of Etienne Lamotte's French translation of the third BK and a
brief analysis (in French) of the first BK by Paul Demieville. Both appear

        Demieville, Paul. 1952. Le Concile de Lhasa: une controverse sur le
        quietisme entre bouddhistes de l'Inde et de la Chine au 8ieme siecle de
        l'ere chretienne. Paris: Imprimerie nationale de France.

Is there any other (English or French) translation of the three BK?

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