Help with font packages.

pf at pf at
Mon Feb 17 11:28:00 UTC 1997


I am gratefully taking up your offer to help with the fonts. I have
downloaded the sc bitstream charta fonts from indology and installed them
in my WORD6a fonts menu. But I can't get them running properly. A friend
who is now in Australia installed the earlier bitstream charta version,
which vanished during a PC crash and left me with all my work being
How can I get CS Bitstream running in such a way that the shortcut keys
only apply to the Bitstream Charta texts and not to all texts in other
fonts as well?
How can I convert then my old work to the new Bitstream setting?

I downloaded the Bitstream charter for Sankritists file from Indology
list files to get more information, but can't unzip it, as it cannot be
recognized as a zip file.

What can I do??

Peter Fluegel

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