New Usenet group: soc.history.ancient is alive and well

S. Kalyanaraman mdsaaa48 at
Fri Feb 14 17:23:06 UTC 1997

I tried posting to soc.history.ancient using
I got the answer: no such newsgroup.
Is there any other site like which i can use to access the Usenet group?
My internet service provider does not offer newsgroup access(NNTP); I have to use
websites like to overcome this problem.
Regards. Kalyanaraman.

At 05:40 AM 2/14/97 GMT, you wrote:
>Hi, folks.  My apologies to those of you who are on more than one of these
>lists, for the cross-post.
>The Usenet newsgroup which I previously wrote to each of these lists about
>the effort to create - soc.history.ancient - has now, in fact, been
>created.  It's an unmoderated group whose charter defines the topic as
>history as it can be known from contemporary textual sources, worldwide, up
>to AD 700.
>The vote on the group's creation, to my extreme delight, was 333 YES, 13
>NO, and 1 ABSTAIN.  By Usenet Big 8 voting standards, this was an
>exceptionally favourable response.  My thanks to any of you who took the
>time to inform yourselves about the proposal and vote.
>I've delayed somewhat in sending this notice because I wanted to see the
>group before writing, and my own Internet service provider has taken
>several days to make it available.  But I did finally get the chance
>tonight to read some 25 messages (not the first ones in the group), and
>what I found was two spams, one (courteous) post about Zechariah Sitchin,
>one discourteous post about allegedly close-minded scholars, and 21
>on-topic and basically sane posts.  For an unmoderated group on Usenet,
>this is really a fine showing.  The majority of posts were focused on
>Europe or the Near East (though one asked about Laozi's real name, and I'd
>be particularly happy if anyone from EAAN could spare the time to correct
>or elaborate on the answer I gave), across the full chronological range of
>the group.
>Anyway.  I must confess that there seemed to be more questions than
>answers.  It would be delightful to see scholars arrive in the group in
>such force that the much-feared kooks would flee screaming :-).  I realise
>no newsgroup will take the place of the more specialised mailing lists, but
>rather hope that it may become, at best, a tool for contact among the
>scholars and other interested parties on different mailing lists, as well
>as a way of acquainting the general public with scholars' results.  Toward
>these ends I'm working on several FAQs for the group, and I suspect most of
>you will be hearing from me in due course, via these lists, about various
>pieces of that job.
>Looking forward to seeing (at least some of) you on soc.history.ancient...   :-)
>Joe Bernstein
>joe at

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