Correction to Brhadratha etc. about Aryan kings who learnt Tamil

Palaniappa at Palaniappa at
Fri Feb 14 06:47:32 UTC 1997

Let me correct an error in my earlier posting.

Actually, there were two names of Aryan kings mentioned in the Classical
Tamil literature as either a student or poet of Tamil. (Some think that both
may refer to a single person.)   

1. Aariyavaracan Pirakattan  (Brhadratha?)
2. Aariyavaracan Yal Piramatattan  (Brahmadatta well-versed in lute?  or
                        Brahmadatta of Gandhara?)

The first one is mentioned in the colophon as a student of Tamil
Culture/language for whose benefit KuRincippaaTTu was composed by Kapilar.

The second one is mentioned in the colophon as the author of a poem in

As I mentioned earlier, I would appreciate any information about these two
from the Sanskrit/Pali/Prakrit.

S. Palaniappan

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