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David Magier magier at
Fri Feb 14 02:29:29 UTC 1997

> some time ago I was happy to come across some postings by a former 
> colleague, Indologist Edeltraud Harzer Clear from Indiana University, 
> Bloomington, but when I try to send her a message to 
> <eclear at> it bounces with a terse comment "Host 
> Unknown". Could anyone suggest a host which is "known"?

As of November 1996, Dr. Clear's entry in The International Directory
of South Asia Scholars includes the following information:

Edeltraud Harzer Clear, Ph.D.
Visiting Scholar
Department of Asian Studies
University of Texas
Austin, Texas

mailing address:
11807 Oak Knoll Drive
Austin, TX  78759-3806  USA

phone: 512-249-9658
email: eclear at
email: eclear at

David Magier

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