Dubrovnik Conference on Skt Epics & Puranas

John Brockington SKTJLBS at srv0.arts.ed.ac.uk
Thu Feb 13 09:10:24 UTC 1997


to be held August 11-16, 1997
in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The conference will open on the morning of Monday, 11 August  and close on the evening 
of Saturday, 16 August.

Topics proposed:

1.   Manuscript research, textual criticism and text history
2.   Text hermeneutics and inter-textuality
3.   Relationship of Vedic, Epic and Puranic texts
4.   Puranas and modern times (modern texts, reception, pilgrimage)
5.   Oral v. written composition (formulae, motifs, themes, etc.)
6.   The question of literary genres and techniques of composition
7.   Concepts of time (images of time, cycles of time, narrative time, symbolic

Papers should be limited to 30 minutes, to allow ample time for discussion.

In addition, it is hoped to organise some workshops on the direction of future research 
on the Sanskrit Epics and Puranas - suggestions welcome.

Anyone who would like an invitation is warmly encouraged to submit the proposed title 
of their paper to one of the organisers as soon as possible, indicating the topic to 
which it should be assigned; abstracts (1-2 typed pages) should be sent as soon 
afterwards as possible.

Further details available from:
Mislav Jezic           mjezic at husc.harvard.edu
John Brockington       J.L.Brockington at ed.ac.uk
Peter Schreiner        pesch at indoger.unizh.ch
Greg Bailey            astgmb. at lure.latrobe.edu.au
Mrs Milka Jauk-Pinhak  Dept. of Linguistics and Oriental Studies, Faculty of     
                       Philosophy, University of Zagreb, Ivana Lucica 3, HR-10000             
                       ZAGREB, Croatia
                       tel. +385-1-525 233
                       fax. +385-1-513 834

Titles and abstracts preferably to John Brockington.

Dr J. L. Brockington
Department of Sanskrit
University of Edinburgh
7 Buccleuch Place
Edinburgh   EH8 9LW     U.K.

tel: +31 650 4174
fax: +31 650 6804

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