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Thanks, Dr. S. Pichumani. There are many elegy booklets in tamil
printed from 1850 onwards. (called as caramakavi, irangaRpaa,
n^inaivu anjali, kaiyarunilaik kavitai, oppaari (folksongs) etc.,)

Maraimalai Adigal's Comacuntarak Kaanjiyaakkam (On his Guru's demise),
N. R. MurukavEL's kavitai anjali etc., come to mind.
As lover of Carnatic music, you may know that Kavignar Kannadhaasan
wrote a long, beautiful lament poem on Tiruvavaduturai 
N. Rajarattinam Pillai when the musician died. See also,

Yoshitaka Terada, Multiple interpretations of a charismatic
individual: the case of the great Nagasvaram musician, T. N. 
Rajarattinam Pillai. PhD thesis, 1992, Univ. of Washington, Seattle, 361p.

I am interested in the study/papers of that genre of literature by academics.
Usually, sanskrit atleast should have drawn some attention!
What are the famous lament poems in sanskrit & other indic tongues.

N. Ganesan

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