The Tiruchirapalli 'zodiac'

Anthony P Stone stone_catend at
Sat Feb 8 17:16:30 UTC 1997

I am searching for a particular paper on the so-called zodiac at
Tiruchirapalli - which was known as Trichinopoly when E. Mollien published
his paper in 1853.    Part of this diagram is a circle of 11 animals
(representing the 11 kara.nas).   

In the paper I remember seeing, the author was very struck by the fact that
one of the 11 animals, the _Rat_, is also in the Asian cycle of 12 animals,
so much so that he italicised 'Rat'.   This paper was in English, I'm sure,
and came out not too many years ago.   

I should be most grateful if anyone knows the reference.
Tony Stone

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