New Light on Sarasvati Sindhu civilization

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The pages are based on the presentation made by me at the
X World Sanskrit Conference. A paradigm change in civilization
studies is indicated; the sarasvati river flowed for 1000 miles
from the Himalayan glaciers (Har-ki-dun) in Bandarpunch massif
(Tons river) upto the Gulf of Khambat (near Lothal). In geological
time measure, it is only recently that the river dried up, circa 1500 B.C.
due to tectonic shifts (rise of the Aravalli ranges) and aandhi 
(sandstorms) depositing sand on the river bed... It has been argued
elsewhere that Soma (Rgvedic process) was smelted electrum quartz
It is now possible to crack the script code using the languages
of the linguistic area. 
Would deeply appreciate critical comments.
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