Looking for translation of Yajnavalkya text

noel at freenet.carleton.ca noel at freenet.carleton.ca
Wed Feb 5 18:57:24 UTC 1997

Dear Indology, 
The text of the following treatise is published in Sanskrit only. 
I would be most grateful if anyone can give me any information 
on whether it has been put into English or any European language, 
and where the translation might be found. 
BBRA Soc. Monograph #3, Bombay, 1954. 
reprinted from Journal Bombay Branch Royal Asiatic Soc., 
Vol. 28 & 29 Pt 1. 
editor: Sri Prahlad C Divanji 
title:  Yoga-Yajnavalkya: 
        Treatise on Yoga as Taught by Yogi Yajnavalkya. 
Thank-you for any help you can give, 
Noel Evans. 
noel at freenet.carleton.ca 

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