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NEW RELEASE: Harvard Oriental Series, Vol. 52:

We are happy to announce the release of Madhav Deshpande's edition and
translation of the Zaunaka PrAtizAkhya of the Atharvaveda.

More than 125 years after Whitney's edition princeps/ translation &
commentary, this work makes a new start in the study of Vedic phonetical
texts; this is very important in view of the limited and less than
adequate representation of the manuscript and oral traditions in the
available editions.

The work also contains the edition of three commentaries, a long
critical and historical introduction on Vedic phonetics, and
several indexes. Each Sutra is followed by a detailed discussion (by
the author).

The 800 pp. book is vol. 52 of the Harvard Oriental Series.
(For HOS see, for the time being: www.fas.harvard.edu/~witzel/mwpage.htm)

It is available from Harvard University Press, Cambridge MA + London UK,
at US $ 75.


zaunaIkyA caturAdhyAyikA

A prAtizAkhya of the zaunakIya atharvaveda

With the commentaries caturAdhyAyIbhASya, bhArgava-
bhAskara-vRtti and  pajcasandhi

Critically edited, translated & annotated


Madhav M. Deshpande



ISBN 0-674-78987-3

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