jonathan silk silk at WMICH.EDU
Mon Dec 22 23:36:08 UTC 1997

The word ni.spaava (the rest just = etc., I think) is found at Amaarako"sa
2,24, where it seems to mean some kind of pulse, but also the action of
winnowing grain. However, there are a large number of related terms -- or
*perhaps* related terms -- such as ni.spalaapaa / ni.spulaavaa,
ni.supulaakaa, ni.sphala etc. Many of these seems to mean, as MW defines
pulaaka, "shrivelled or blighted or empty or bad grain." See Boehtlingk and
Roth s.v., and Kau.tilya, where the word seems to mean an already dried and
edible, even if not desirable, grain.

I have a footnote about this on pp. 313-14 of my doctoral thesis; I can
give you the whole reference if you would like.

Jonathan Silk

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