Q. Elephant ride

Dominique.Thillaud thillaud at UNICE.FR
Fri Dec 19 18:52:39 UTC 1997

>       Q. Elephant ride.
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>"People use the trunk of an elephant to get on to the top of it
>and shout "Lies, untruths" and go on a parade in the streets."
>In old India, was there a habit like this? Any pointers
>where it occurred? May be against some philosophical sects
>these people shouted. Once people win in some religious debates,
>they exclaim that the other side is not true? Any
>textual references in Sanskrit or any other?!

        Just a remark.
The most famous lie in the MBh (about the death of azvatthAman) concern
indirectly an elephant. The context is apparently different, but ...
        that was really a 'religious debate' to obtain the death of droNa,
brahman and guru!
        Linked ?

Dominique THILLAUD
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