Q. Elephant ride

Thu Dec 18 19:49:50 UTC 1997

       Q. Elephant ride.

"People use the trunk of an elephant to get on to the top of it
and shout "Lies, untruths" and go on a parade in the streets."

In old India, was there a habit like this? Any pointers
where it occurred? May be against some philosophical sects
these people shouted. Once people win in some religious debates,
they exclaim that the other side is not true? Any
textual references in Sanskrit or any other?!

N. Ganesan

 In a section on different types of jobs people do
in an old tamil text, this line is present:

                                    ", vaarmatatta
       pOtakattin kaipppukkup poypoy enappukanRu
       vItiyilkoN TOTuvatum, "

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